The Grossman children: Jessica and Jason.

How you can Help

We are encouraging everyone to get tested as soon as possible.

Donating bone marrow and/or stem cells poses little risk to the donor as your body will regenerate the missing cells quite quickly. But it could save someone life.

First stage testing is a simple cheek swab that gets sent to a lab for analysis. If this test shows you to be a likely compatible donor, you will be contacted and asked to undergo a blood test and health assessment to confirm your ability to be a donor. Successful donors will have their expenses covered.

CANADIAN DONORS can get a FREE cheek swab test kit sent to them by mail by filing out the online form

USA DONORS can get a cheek swab kit sent to them by mail for a $54 tax-deductible contribution to cover laboratory testing costs. Use the online form located at

We urge you to, please, take the time to fill out the information, test yourself, and mail it back.

It will take a small bit of time out of your day, but it could add many more years to someone in desperate need of a donor.

With heartfelt thanks,

Friends, Family and Employees of

P.S. We also appreciate anyone who can donate to help us fund the bone marrow drive and compatibility testing kits from Gift of Life. These kits alone will cost us US$54 per kit (or CDN$67) each and any donation towards helping us with some of these costs is much appreciated.

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