About TheOffice.com

TheOffice.com provides Project Management for custom developments projects involving the internet, web development, software, photography, advertising, branding and logo development.

In early 1995, Jonathan Grossman began to design, engineer and implement customized Internet software solutions for a variety of clients. Those software developments included customized online survey engines, discussion forums, shopping baskets, remote management software and user tracking applications.

TheOffice.com is in the business of building solutions that assist executives and managers of web ventures to build a set of e-business processes that help to capture and manage both proprietary and consumer data.

TheOffice.com has developed a methodology for creating and maintaining e-business processes for new Internet based companies and new and existing bricks-and-mortar businesses with a web strategy. This methodology is grounded in a system's architecture that can deliver all the benefits of traditional content management software, including the personalization and customization of content for specific users, without requiring the client to commit vast financial resources and time before each stage of development is complete.

TheOffice.com Partner Organizations

avocado-logo.gif, 6 kBAvocado Communications provides website design, user-friendly web architecture and usability expertise. Recently, Avocado worked with TheOffice.com to redesign and realign their own website: www.theoffice.com with their new priorities in company direction. Other collaborations include: vectorresearch.com, judithadam.com and crawfords.com. Visit: www.avocadocommunications.com to learn more.

SiteHandler.jpg, 4 kB SiteHandler™ is a flexible, powerful and expandable content management and development tool.

SiteHandler™ provides its users with the ability to easily create, organize and update online information. Applications available to its users include a password management system, an automated site map and link manager, and support for e-commerce applications, online interactivity and database management. View Sitehandler in action at: crawfords.com. Visit www.sitehandler.com to learn more.

proximetor.jpg, 4 kB
PROXIMETOR, a collaboration between TheOffice.com and dexagon.com, is a drop-in web component that allows existing websites with a database of locations to display the closest locations to the user's geographical request such as zipcode, intersection, and street address.
Visit www.proximetor.com to learn more.